Olympic Spirit Meets Ethical Innovation: Cassie Patten Joins ddipp®

Picture of Cassie Patten, Brand Ambassador for ddipp®

It's with immense excitement that we announce the former Olympic swimmer Cassie Patten as the newest ambassador for ddipp®. This isn't just about a partnership; it's about a shared vision that champions the spirit of inclusivity and environmental stewardship in the realm of swimming.

Cassie Patten: A Beacon of Inclusivity

Cassie Patten is renowned not only for her Olympic prowess but also for her foundational work with WaveCrest Swimming. This institution stands as a bastion of inclusivity, welcoming swimmers from competitive Ironman warriors to those seeking the tranquillity of a leisurely swim. Cassie's ethos of nurturing talent in a respectful environment resonates deeply with us at ddipp®, where community and camaraderie in swimming take center stage.

A United Mission

With Cassie Patten diving into our community, we are all set to elevate the joy of swimming to new heights. It’s not just about cutting through the water—it's about cutting down on environmental impact, about every individual feeling they belong in the swimming world, and about a sport that brings sheer joy to all involved.

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