We are ethically minded and love our planet.

Our goal is to make high quality products designed to last with minimal footprint.

We have tried to do the right thing in the choices we have made for ddipp, whilst also being realistic and practical. We want to offer a range of alternatives for customers who are looking for activewear clothing, in order that they can choose a more ethical alternative without sacrificing performance and design.

Product: We have tried to select recycled or sustainable materials wherever possible. In some cases, we have not been able to be 100% recycled, as our early product manufacturing volumes just don’t allow it… for example the zip teeth on the Sea Monster coat are not recycled. However, as our business grows we expect to make progress in reducing the proportion of material which is not recycled or sustainable to zero.

People: We only use production sites with globally accredited quality standards, both for the product itself, and also for the treatment of workforce and others in the supply chain.

We are also proud to partner with a charity called Sea Changers - for details of their work please have a look at their website Sea-Changers.org.uk