Another Gear Test Win!!

Another Gear Test Win!!

We were delighted to be included in the March 2024 edition of 220Triathlon magazine, and even more excited to see the new Hydro version of the ddipp Sea Monster won the changing robe group test! You can see the article here...

A few quotes we loved reading were...

  1. "The original version of this robe made a big impact here at 220T, and has been a faithful companion through our swimming adventures over the last year."
  2. "All the things we originally loved about this robe are still in place, though. It's lightweight relative to its warmth making it a smart choice for adventures where you may not want to carry a heavy robe."
  3. "In a touch of genius it packs up into an inner pocket, too, which turns inside out to create a nifty bag complete with handle."
  4. "The Sea Monster has a waterproof rating of 10,000mm and a breathable rating of 10,000gsm, which we've given a thorough test having used it for hours standing by the lake coaching swimmers - it's not let us down yet!"
  5. "The understated green tested here will please those who aren't a fan of bright robes, but the range includes bright orange, grey, navy and aqua as well as black."

There is nothing like getting positive feedback from customers and experts alike, but we won't rest on our laurels... there is always more innovation to come!

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