Group winner in 220Triathlon Gear Test!

Group winner in 220Triathlon Gear Test!

The grey clouds of January lifted in the ddipp office when we saw we had scored a whopping 95% in the 220Triathlon magazine January Changing Robe gear test...! This made the ddipp Sea Monster the joint group winner :-)

This is what they said in their review...

Call us a bunch of old cynics, but when it comes to some products we kinda feel like we’ve seen it all – and changing robes were one of them. Until, that is, the new robe from oddly-named ddipp landed.

This new British company has taken a product we know and love and made it (whisper it) even better. But how? Well, there are two things you notice first about the Sea Monster.

First, despite being technical (wind and waterproof) it’s also very lightweight, making it far more practical if you like to carry your robe about with you. Not only that, but it packs into an internal zippy pocket, complete with handle, for extra portability.

Second? The plush, soft inner fur which feels unlike any other robe we’ve ever tried on. Many robes can feel a little coarse on the skin, but this was literally like pulling on a teddy bear (only less weird, obviously).

Aside from those two features, other tricks include sleeves that zip on from short to long, Velcro sleeve tabs and a large drawstring hood.

Ddipp are upfront about their eco credentials too, with plastic bottles recycled to make the fabric and the company are aiming to make every element (e.g. parts of the zip) sustainable in the future. Three size options and five colourways are available.

Verdict: In a saturated market, this changing robe brings exciting new ideas.
Score: 95%

See review here...

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