Future Running Star

Future Running Star
We would like to introduce you to another future star… Amelia Cox is a Steeplechase and XC runner representing Sussex, Crawley AC and her school at a national level. She has had a number of top three finishes in the past 12 months and has given us a few tips to pass on about good preparation, pre and post-race.

“Make sure you plan and get organised before your race. Think about what you’re eating pre and post event, a light meal before can help avoid getting stomach discomfort during your run, for example for breakfast I have porridge with tea and orange juice. I’ll then sip a sports drink prior to racing to help keep hydrated and energy levels high.”

 “About 30 min before the start, I’ll start my warmup.  I do a mixture of drills to target running specific muscles, these include high knees, bum flicks, opening and closing the gate, side skips, a b and c skips, bounding and strides. These types of drills will activate the muscles and raise my heart rate to prepare for racing”

 “Post-race I will have a drink that is high in protein and carbohydrates – when away from home my go to is a Mars drink with a banana, or a homemade fresh chocolate Nesquik with a banana milkshake. I’ll then have a cool down jog with friends for good recovery and then layer up to keep warm”
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