Can I return the product if I don’t like it or it doesn’t fit?

Of course. Use the returns button on the website and we will happily sort you out!

Can I wash the Sea Monster?

The Sea Monster maintains it’s colour, waterproof performance and breathability after multiple washes. However, as with all man made fibres, there may be an element of micro-plastic shedding. For this reason we would urge you to wash infrequently, and when doing so to use a Guppy Bag which limits the escape of these microfibres.


Does the Sea Monster shed micro fibres?

As noted above, it will likely shed micro fibres as do all man made materials. We recommend minimising machine washing, and using a Guppy Bag on the rare occasions you do need to wash.


Why don’t I see you in the high street?

We have all got much more used to shopping online, and our experience with the retail clothing industry is that often there are large volumes which end up in landfill or in other ways create waste. We therefore have chosen to operate only online, so that we only produce and sell the volume our customers actually want.


How can I get in touch to tell you I love it / hate it! 

Always happy to hear from customers or potential customers. You can let us know what you think through Instagram, Facebook or direct to