We do our best to be sustainable... not perfect, but in the right direction.
Have a look below to see the ethical and sustainable areas we are working on...
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Our mission is to offer you top performance and design in active-wear clothing without sacrificing your ethics. At every stage of our design, sourcing and production we pursue sustainable solutions. (or best practicable solutions).

We aim to do the right thing, so you can purchase a high quality product but without sacrificing your values.
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Fabric – the inner and outer fabric of Sea Monster is 100% recycled polyester, made from recycled PET from drinks bottles, GRS (Global Recycling Standards) certified and 100% PCW (Post Consumer Waste).

Zips – our zip tapes are 100% recycled polyester too. The zip teeth are also recycled. This just eaves about 15% of the zip which we need to work on! We plan to move to 100% recycled zips.

Metal drain eyelets – there are four of these per Sea Monster Coat. To date we continue to seek a recycled alternative. We will get there!
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We use production sites with globally accredited quality standards for materials, supply chain and workforce standards.

The Sea Monster is made in China

The manufacturing partner is Everglory International Group Apparel Inc

Site Standards: SMETA (Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit) conducted by SGS in areas of Labour Standards: Health and Safety; Environment; Business ethics.

Factory is ISO9001 compliant

Our T-Shirts and clothing are made of organic cotton in India, in a high audit standard factory.
They are printed here in the UK, using recyclable ink, in a factory powered by 100% sustainable energy.

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Our Charity Partners: Sea Changers

At ddipp we all love the sea – and we know our customers do too (OK we also know many of you love fresh water just as much!).

Because of our special affinity with water, we have partnered with Sea Changers to support their mission to give back to the sea.

For over 10 years Sea Changers have given grants to UK marine charities and non-profits for conservation and research projects. They specialise in tackling ocean plastics and grassroots action. It is really targetted action and makes a big difference to some of these local initiatives.

Sea-Changers is a registered Charity and has registered charity number: 1142119 / Scotland No. SCO43922