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Ddipp was started by Mark, Melissa and Matt in 2020, during the Covid19 pandemic. Not an ideal time to start a new business, but that year did remind us all about what is really important… spending time doing the things we love with other people, but with a clear conscience. The huge growth of sports such as Open Water swimming and Paddleboarding just shows how we yearn to get outdoors and have fun! We saw an opportunity for a water-sports brand who place quality and ethics at the heart of design, and so started developing our first product, the Sea Monster changing robe.

Matt grew up in Perranporth, Cornwall, and the beach was never far away. Matt lives in Hong Kong now, and enjoys trekking and paddleboarding in the warmer waters! This also means he can be close to some of our manufacturing partners, and ensure the transparency and high standards so integral to us. Matt also has huge experience in the design, sourcing and accreditation of textiles and clothing.


Mark grew up in the rain of Lancashire, spending many weekends sailing and cycling in the Lake District. Now with a family, Mark spends a lot of time paddleboarding, dinghy sailing and walking his dogs. It was spending time (and getting cold) before and after activity that provoked the development of the Sea Monster… protection and warmth with a more ethical approach to sustainability.


Melissa also grew up in Perranporth, which is no surprise, as she is the sister of Matt! Melissa lives near the south coast, loves the sea and has recently taken up open water swimming, so is a personal user of the Sea Monster changing robe!


The heart of ddipp is, and will continue to be, high quality, useful, and ethical design. We want our products to help you enjoy the best bit of your day!

Ethics and quality. We don't think you should need to compromise.
Easy to deal with! We want it to feel personal
Look good and feel good. We intend ddipp® products to be attractive and useful.
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